Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Greetings! Let's Try This!

I miss blogging.

I mean, really blogging. Not sharing a picture like with Tumblr. Not giving a few sentences like a status update on Facebook. I miss honest-to-god blogging -- just choosing a topic and going on about it. Besides, I want to get back into the habit of writing and practice focusing on one topic to write about. I have a tendency to ramble on so.

 Then again, this urge to start a blog may be because I have a few friends who keep up really good blogs that I really enjoy reading. And well, not to pull a tumblr this far into my first entry but:


So, now that I accepted that I'm nothing but a follower, I have a quandary of deciding what should this blog be about.  This is not my first blog -- I have a livejournal that I still update sporadically but that is more for personal thoughts and real life updates. I also have an insanejournal that I use for writing purposes only. I can't really blog about work as it is extremely boring. I don't think I can sanely blog about politics, my major in university, because I don't want to rise my blood pressure. Besides, I need more cheerful in my life.

 After some considering, I decided this blog will be purely my geeky hobbies which range from table-top rpgs to video games to board games to movies/books. I plan to write about the games I'm playing in, movie reviews, and whatever geeky thoughts cross my mind at the time. Seriously, my world is like the Rorschach test of geekdom, so that may be a topic I touch on a lot. Who knows? This may also be my only entry! But only time will tell.