Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Been A While!

So the holidays caused me to fall off the planet. I had to prepare my apartment for visiting relatives, buy gifts, go to social gatherings, and oh yes, work. During this down time I realized *gasp* people actually reads my entries but it took me a while to actually settle to write up something.

First off, I feel awful that I fell off the bandwagon when it came up to writing up the sessions of my game. It actually concluded in three sessions and I just fell so far behind I couldn't get motivated to catch up. And it is a real shame because I wished I kept a record of my past games so I could remember them better. So here I go.

As a quick summary, the thumb drive that Shirin gave Ash turned out to reveal the identity of Experiment 0001 -- her missing mother. She used to work as a scientist but found out the plan and afflicted herself with the admittedly buggy serum. Just as that happened, Alan turned them all in by revealing their position.

Everyone was caught and sent to prison, except Alan who became buddy-buddy with Tatiana Selnik and Devlin McGowan after his father's promotion to Dr. Zanjani's position. While he was enjoying new found popularity, everyone else sat in prison trying to figure their way out. Eventually, Brock figured it out using his illusion abilities and Mateo's quickness and Joss's technoempathy. They escaped with a small army of would be experiments.

They retreated into the desert and regrouped within a cave. Finally, they decided to head back to find Ash's mother. They managed to convince some of those who escaped with them to go back with them so they had their own private militia.

Brock, Joss, and Ash and gang didn't get very far when they ran into androids created by Keiko Miyazawa, the matriarch of one of the six families. The androids scanned mutants and mimicked their abilities. Eventually, the team took them down and continued on their way. They hijacked a bus using Brock's illusions so they didn't look like a bunch of teenagers and were soon on their way.

Meanwhile, Alan's new friends and new family standing got him to see things he couldn't see before. They shocked him and he grew a conscience. He also found a couple of the other Galileo kids who felt the same way and they sought to go to the CEOs house to get some real dirt. Alan's new group ran into his old group. They came to a shaky understanding and Alan knew where Ash's mother was.

After a battle at the CEO house which ended with shrinking the CEO (using one of their army's abilities), they headed to the Miyazawa's place. First, they ran into Keiko's son Ren who tried to use his empathy ability to scare them away. Brock did some quick thinking and conjured an illusion of his mother and the group continued on.

Keiko, using a remote control, controlled Ash's mother -- who was half-human and half-machine. The group did battle, using their strengths in their abilities that they spent the entire game learning through trial and error. They managed to free Ash's mother who in turn crushed Keiko's brain with her mind.

As the group left the Miyazawa residence, Ash clinging to her mother, the town burning as mutant teens rebelled against the company's forces. Ash looked up at her mother and asks her innocently, "Mom, can you make me fishsticks?"

Admittedly, I felt iffy at first when I ended the last session but the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how solid it was. Everyone had their own character arc and it was clear by the end they were not the same people they were at the beginning. Joss learned responsibility, Ash learned reality, Alan learned authority is not always right, and Brock learned to take things seriously for once.

I feel I did my job as a GM because of that. I provided the scenarios and the world and the NPCs and they reacted accordingly and it was their actions that allowed them to grow as characters. Overall, I felt it was a solid origin story.

Now, I'm taking a break from GMing. I am playing in a Dungeon World game which sometimes alternates with a Torchbearer. I am also planning to join a One Ring campaign.

I do want to go back to GMing eventually. A friend gave me Big Eyes, Small Mouth Third Edition for Christmas and I love that system so much. Cortex is interesting but BESM is my system. It is the one I am most comfortable with.

This is why I plan to run it as soon as one of these other campaigns run their course. And I want to run a game set in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. And it will be a Cold War/Atom Punk style set after the events in Legend of Korra -- an alternate ending of course to the actual series. Basically, imagine if Kuvira won but couldn't get to the United Republic of Nations. And now, the Earth Empire is behind an Iron Curtain so to speak.

I will probably write more about this in future entries. My source document is already over 20 pages.

Hopefully, I will get back to writing in this for 2015.

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