Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where was this week's Looking Back Bellairs?

So here I am, on a Wednesday after working out and eating a salad with no Looking Back Bellairs to post. What happened?

In a nutshell

Awesome Con happened. I spent the entire weekend being painfully reminded I am no longer 21 and can no longer survive off fumes and enthusiasm for geekdom. Don't get me wrong, I still had a blast. I just feel it. Monday came and I had a massive con hangover.

Also, reality hit too when I realized how much I actually bought. Awesome Con was a milestone con because not only was it my first one I went to since I hit thirty, it also was the first one in which I had a job that gave me a decent amount of money. I could enjoy myself among the vendors and not watch longingly from a distance.

I still bought too much. I threw caution into the wind. I ended up with many comics -- which is surprising for me. While I do enjoy comics, manga, and graphic novels, I don't own a whole lot of them. Well, the exception is manga. I have a shit-ton of manga with only four complete series (Alice 19th, Hana Kimi, Tokyo Babylon, and Death Note for the curious) with bits and pieces of other series.

I haven't read Alice 19th in over ten years yet I call it a favorite. Maybe it is time for a Looking Back Alice 19th

At Awesome Con, I walked away with 7 nice copies of graphic novels and over half of them signed by the authors. You know, that is actually where I had the most fun, when I was talking to the comic book writers -- big names and small names alike. The only one of the big guests I spoke to was Dana Snyder and I'm not all that into Aqua Teen Hunger Force (he was super cool though). And I also spoke with Sam Ellis (lead character designer of Archer and also worked on other good stuff) but he wasn't the big guests. I told Sam Ellis about how I bought an ISIS t-shirt with the logo from Archer and now I can't wear it anymore. We had a good laugh about that.

Don't mistake me for bashing the guests, though, as George Takei was super awesome

And here I went to a classic Mary Segue. Back to Bellairs. I want to continue my little project but since I did spend money, I am going to read through my Awesome Con Loot and review each comic I bought. The series I bought, I'll review at once and talk about them.

But for now, I am still recovering from the whirlwind of con. It was awesome, though. And I think next year, I may want to cosplay... either Agent Carter or Tina Belcher. Or maybe both!

This show is my everything

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